Mr A. Writinghawk (writinghawk) wrote,
Mr A. Writinghawk

Engines of war

It's been a cold and miserable summer till the last couple of days, which were impossibly hot and bright. It was supposed to break yesterday with pouring rain, but it stayed hot till night. This morning was grey and for the last four hours the thunder has been rolling intermittently; but it's been dry. Perhaps it's because I've just read Zachary Mason's Lost books of the Odyssey, but it's oddly like listening to the gods moving the siege engines around while they plan their onslaught. There've been rumbles interspersed with long silences, perhaps while they discuss the details or wait for the arrival of the technical crew.

Now there's been a more purposeful series of manoeuvres, and that was a couple of tentative bolts of lightning. I think the attack is due any moment.
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